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"Heimskt er heima alið barn"  *

... bespoke, innovative, specialist, and award-winning, outdoor education and training
Mountaincraft, expedition preparation, sub-Arctic trekking and overlanding, wilderness & survival skills education, schools work, environmental geographical, and history-project management, safety research, youth expeditions, tracking, lectures & talks, specialist consultancy for school leaders.............across the UK, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, & Finland.

 Small group 'exploration' at Skogar southern Iceland, just about to ascend to the Fimmvorduhals
Based in south east England since 1988, HUNTER has been at the cutting edge of the development of wilderness training, safety, educational visits safety research, and sub-Arctic expeditions, leading clients from Asheldham to Norway, and from Snowdonia to Iceland. The tailor made courses run by HUNTER, led by Barry Howard, are as a  result of his 44 years hard-won experience and qualifications in the field instructing groups and individuals from such diverse clients as Key Stage 1 infants to the military, from secondary school pupils to managers in the world’s largest corporations. We act as practitioners, advisers, and environmental consultants to schools, outdoors pursuits and life-skills advisers to uniformed organisations and individuals wanting to broaden their skills base. We can help you plan your course either local such as at Asheldham or further afield.  The breadth and depth of experience in the expedition world alone has covered thirty-five years and includes polar-Arctic and sub-Arctic work in Greenland, and long-range wilderness and mountaincraft in Iceland and Norway. HUNTER’s role in working with industry includes an advisory scheme for management involving setting up real-time training both in theory and practical based projects, and outdoor pursuits based leadership, teamwork, and communications-skills courses.
 BJH instructing tracking in deciduous woodland
Courses, ‘events’, training, projects, or expeditions can be tailor-made to suit any client. We have the capability to lecture in the board-room as well as expedition in the sub-Arctic deserts of central Iceland or local woodland. Either way our clients are challenged to adopt pertinent management and leadership qualities – or simply but no less valuable – undertake to learn from scratch new skills whether these be industry related or outdoor pursuits skills from our Wilderness & Survival Training Team. In 2016, after some of us having been instructing year-in, year-out since 1972, are still being told by professional educational agencies, businesses, and individuals alike that our courses, talks, workshops, and expeditions are excellent; we don't take this lightly, and work hard to keep ourselves at the forefront of this standard. You the client comes first, and we hope you see us upholding a professional standard which encourages and motivates.
" I am totally confident that HUNTER has the right course for you. Our repertoire of hourly, day, night, multi-day, local, regional, national, and international instructional workshops and expeditions, whether for novices, youth, adults, and/or for those more experienced ....are all well known, heavily in demand, and repeatedly re-booked by clients. We can - and do - tailor make courses; these can be on your own premises, for just a handful of participants, or large numbers - at our remarkable 1000 year-old outdoor centre, or in a cabin in Norway or Sweden. Working for over four decades in the industry, I have built, and as a direct result HUNTER has, a reputation for quality which we as a Team are rightly proud of.  We use our experience of literally hundreds of successful, safe, expeditions and many thousands of day courses to make your time with us the best possible - and memorable...for all the right reasons! " 
Barry Howard    Director HUNTER Outdoor Training            www.barryhoward.yolasite.com

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  ** He who stays only at home becomes narrow minded (Old Icelandic Proverb)