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Hunter's Values

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Hunter’s Vision

We aim to be the organisation of choice for our outdoor clients who seek to hire and learn from a reliable and experienced provider. We offer innovative, close-support solutions for outdoor learning, which enables us to learn about our clients and their technical requirements.

Our training and education services help ensure that our clients' business practices are enhanced as a result of our intervention.

Hunter Outdoor Training through its various discrete teams and their practices have set benchmark standards in the outdoor industry in a number of key areas: safety, innovation, markets, and quality of personal services.


Values: Quality

Hunter’s keyword is ‘excellence’; our key phrase is ‘The Tradition of Excellence’. We have built this tradition through hardwork, and excellent customer relations.

Our clients can rely on our professionalism, governed by our over-riding desire to service the people and contract with extremely high quality courses. We regularly exceed our clients’ expectations. We trade on our reputation; we are not afraid of ‘going the second mile’ for our clients.

Values: Clients

Our client base is very wide and very varied; however, all come to learn in what is almost exclusively a very different environment to what they are used to. We respect our clients and listen to their needs. We understand that the vast majority are stepping out of their comfort zone to learn and work with our Instructors.

Over 90% of our clients return for further courses with Hunter Outdoor Training.

We do not take our responsibilities lightly, but have a professional, sober, self-disciplined approach to ensure that everything we do is as safe as it can be within the realms of ‘adventure’, and outdoor remote experiences, training, and education.

Values: Ethics

Honesty and transparency with our clients are part and parcel of our everyday work. We are totally reliable and undertake thorough and hard work on behalf of our clients once we are contracted to deliver a course, whether in the boardroom, at our outdoor centre, or on the mountainside. We are problem solvers with outdoor solutions borne out of  over forty five years of personal experience but are still mindful of others’ ways of thinking in a different cultural dimension. We still want to learn too.

Values: Team

Our work demands that we are ‘out’ every day. Each and every one of our Instructors from the Chief Instructor down has a passion for being out and instructing the correct way to manage learning and personal organisation, in mid winter, high summer and everything in-between. Our Team work in environmentally harsh conditions by choice with excellent infrastructure support, training, and equipment

We are committed to our ‘Tradition of Excellence’ and as a ‘family’ of widely experienced mountaineers, survival specialists, educators, travellers, outdoor equipment specialists, and researchers we have a corporate identity which ensures we work for each other as well as our valued clients.

Our staff are very highly motivated to train, and maintain their knowledge and skills base through intrinsic motivation. This self discipline transmits itself in course delivery, client communication, and follow up. Instructors train constantly to ensure they are at their best for their clients' courses.

Values: Safety

We realise that safety is paramount in clients minds and on their agenda. Arguably we are more 'immersed' in safety studies, procedures, and research than any other comparable organisation. We have our roots in safety research, two of the team being former EVC's. One of our former Senior Instructors  built the safety management system for a major educational tour company.  The Director undertook doctoral research into educational visits safety. We were amongst the first organisations in the UK (if not the first) to formulate risk assessments in the 1980s, at the beginning of our work, and advised the then Department for Education on correct practice procedures. Thus we make contributions to the national debate on safety.

Values: Society

Hunter Outdoor Training plays its part as an environmentally friendly organisation undertaking to protect the natural world, its wildlife, indigenous peoples, access routes in rural country, and making a very faint footprint through all the wilderness regions of the world we visit. We undertake wherever possible to share our skills, stories, and expertise with youth groups, uniformed organisations, and schools, to allow a new generation of informed youth to understand the need for ‘fully-orbed’ members of society.

Hunter's Objectives: