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Generally our courses are tailor-made as a response to clients' requests. For  2017 however there is some 'off-the-shelf' workshops and courses initially run from The Asheldham Centre [see Links].

Bookings are being taken for 2018; much of 2017 is booked

The range of courses we can provide is considerable. We are tending though to specialise even more now (2016-17), so your best course of action is to email or phone. We get a lot of requests from people who've seen something on tv and 'would like to do something similar'....whatever that may be! Hunter prides itself on providing bespoke courses - tell us what you want and we'll do our utmost to make it happen.

Our mountain courses are run from either Plas-y-Brenin, or Pen-y-Pass in Snowdonia, Lochinver in Assynt, or Keswick (or close-by) in the Lakes. We can cover the full HML or ML syllabus. These courses can be recreational or technical. Hillcraft courses - no less technical but not high-mountain are held in The Cheviots and Tweedsmuir mountains (this is a very popular course) and on Dartmoor. Recent clients have chosen their own location: eg to run courses in the Hebrides.

Both types of courses ('mountain' and 'hill') contain a full syllabus of navigation, micro-navigation, campcraft, meteorology, group leadership, access law, movement skills, emergency procedures, clothing & equipment knowledge; the mountain course adds security on steep ground, and is (usually but not exclusively) more remote with longer days and more overnights using tentage.

We have run about a dozen 'overland & trekking' course/mini-expeditions' to Iceland.This is a February or October motorised and walking exploration which is heavily in demand, undertaking a 4x4 journey across southern Iceland and into Thórsmörk, walking, scrambling the ridges and deep valleys and gorges towards the ice-caps of Mýrdalsjökull, and Eyjafjallajökull. Accommodation is in self catering guesthouses and mountain cabins. High fitness level required. An additional course added for 2017 is a trekking (day-route) explore of the Reykjanes Peninsula. Leader: Barry Howard.  Leaders for the overland course: B.Howard & Jón Baldur þorbjornsson.

Campcraft courses in lowland have become pouplar with the advent of the Award in Basic Expedition Leadership ('BEL' formerly BELA formerly BETA) Based at our unique rural Centre at Asheldham this is a technical theory and practical skills course for all ages above 18 which covers all the necessary elements of being an independent backpacker; three evenings are spent learning the necessary aspects of equipment, navigation, clothing, first aid, before a two-day one night, or three day two night 20 or 30 mile expedition somewhere in Essex. This is a winter / early spring course. .

Survival Training courses starts at the most foundational level and covers all that is needed before the Intermediate Course being an introduction to low impact living and survival in a wilderness area. The Basic Course is undertaken in three phases of theory covering equipment, safety, attitude and motivation, and a skills syllabus; the second phase covers simple shelter designs and water acquisition, whilst the third covers fire, and edible plants, foraging, cooking and nutrition. Two sites used; an overnight is possible. This course lasts one whole day (multi-season) from dawn until midnight.

The Intermediate Course  builds on the STb Course and includes additionally a period of working solo, real-time / scenario crisis mangement, an element which tests the individual's solo capability at night. It is expected that the participants in this course will have demonstrated that they have furthered their knowledge of the natural environment and must be prepared to present a lecture on this. Two theory evenings either side of a full day, making 36 hours minimum Course duration. This is a multi-season course.  Minimum group size 4, maximum group size 6. Minimum age: 16½.

Navigation: Foundational: This is an double-evening Course held at Asheldham which covers basic mapwork and compass work in its first phase, progressing onto a practical night navigation exercise / walk covering six miles. Minimum group size 4. Minimum age 14.

Navigation: Intermediate: Similar to the above Foundational Course but without the separate evening's theory; this is a midwinter complex- navigation exercise unaccompanied in remote rural conditions. Safety cover will be provided by Hunter Instructors but we wont be shoulder to shoulder with you. Duration, from arrival at the Centre, to departure is 7 hours. Walking time is approximately 4 hours. 

Night Navigation: This is an all-comers taster course for novices and aspirant instructors alike covering the most basic skills to allow all to get out and put the theory into practice. Walking time is about 4½ hrs. and will be in winter conditions. Applicants and participants must come prepared for possible below zero conditions. Minimum group size 6.  


Norway Multi - Activity: Fjord open canoeing, via-ferrata, abseiling, wilderness survival training, tracking, first aid, mountain walking, archery, climbing, orienteering, leadership training - all adds up to a heady cocktail of  activities - for all age groups - in western Norway.Our base is an outdoor centre on the edge of the wild, vast, and remote Hardangervidda. This is a course where we ask clients to book their own places at the Centre - and we will independently instruct our specialist courses. POA. Course duration 6 days. Transport: flight from Gatwick to Bergen, coach, then jet-boat for 50 kms. Accommodation: high quality cabins. Always an outstanding week. April and October only. Course Leaders: Dag Instanes and Barry Howard.

Leadership Courses A wide range of theory / practical, or just theory, or just practical with or without the 'outdoor' context. These can be suitable for D of E groups, teachers, uniformed organisation leaders, church youth groups. These are 'mobile' courses run at a location of your choosing, or at The Asheldham Centre. .Minimum 12 people. 

Education Courses

Demonstrations in 'School Access to Outdoor Education' - workshops on how your school can get the most out of the local environment to be able to use outdoor education as a tool rather than just recreation. Raising expectations and achievement can be linked into this theme. Up to 20 teachers max.

New for 2017 Wilderness Courses in NW Scotland: Assynt and/or western Lewis or northern Harris in the Hebrides. Seriously remote. POA.

Geography KS2 - KS4 field studies based at The Asheldham Centre: settlement studies, coastal ecosystems, geology, agricultural systems. International Field Studies - Glaciation in Iceland at GCSE or 'A2' level. Qualified teacher-guide, former Head of Geography.

Business & Management Courses: 'Challenge Communication' and/or 'Leadership - The Reality'. Tailor made to individual clients. Held at 'Five Lakes' near Maldon, Essex, or a location of your choosing. Maximum numbers 30. Duration two evenings / one day. Cost. POA.

Teacher Training I : Outdoor Education Skills within the Curriculum; developing the CZ element of the timetable to include these skills. This very popular half day workshop (extendable into (Part 2) a day with (Part 3) an evening outdoor pursuits exercise). Minimum number for part  3 is four, max. number is 12.

Teacher Training II: Teamwork, Leadership & Communication : Theory and Practice. Held at The Asheldham Centre. A full day (9 am - 11 pm) or two day course undertaking the 'why's/wherefores/and hows' of the above three key skills in the hothouse of the teaching environment. All workshops are a mix of outdoor and theory sessions. [All courses at Asheldham are self catering.] 

Uniformed Youth Organisation Courses Adventure training residential courses based at Asheldham; duration Friday late afternoon / early evening - Sunday late afternoon. Content negotiable; multi-season; costs: POA. Maximum group size 20 + organisation's ;leaders; Leaders: Full Hunter Team.

Youth Courses in Survival Training These courses run for evenings and single days, take place locally and/or at Asheldham; the content is similar to the Foundational Course but starts with more simple elements of survival.  Minimum group size is 3. Evenings are from 6pm - 11pm; day courses from 7am - 10 pm. One parent per group is permitted free of charge. Age range: minimum age of 11 yrs. and a maximum of  16yrs  

**HUNTER works on the principle of three Half-Days in a 24 hour day: early morning - 1 pm; 1 pm - 6pm and then an evening until 11pm. Should clients choose a Full-Day option ie early morning through to 11pm the costs is £300 for one-to-one instruction.