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Terms & Condits

The following Terms & Conditions -  our 'Standard Operating Procedures' - are published for your help and ease of booking, operating with us, and making simple all the many and varied communications and decisions which have to be made when setting up a course. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING

No bookings can be confirmed by telephone; provisional bookings only can be discussed by phone, all requests for bookings must be followed up in writing and sent Royal Mail, or preferably by email to huntertraining@hotmail.com  Your email confirming that you are hiring Hunter Outdoor Training is a binding agreement. A 'Bookings Form' or Course Request Form can be downloaded from the website. Each Course will need a 50% deposit unless otherwise stated. ‘Hunter Outdoor Training’  refers to the Director, Chief Instructor, Instructors, Admin. Staff, and Logistics Team.  Final accounts are payable within 15 days of the course taking place. Hunter Outdoor Training expects clients to have Risk Assessed their own teams for medical conditions, travelling to the venue and / or centre. Hunter Outdoor Training can provide Risk Assessments for all its activities. It is expected that if a member of a group has an acute or chronic medical condition which will limit his/her performance or render the rest of the group at a distinct disadvantage, or in danger, then Hunter Outdoor Training expects to be informed in advance - at least a fortnight - ahead of the course. Hunter Outdoor Training’s responsibility at The Asheldham Centre starts when the clients arrive in the car park, or in the case of those walking in, when they cross into the churchyard. For all other courses it starts when the Duty Instructor meets the group leader. At all times, adults in leading the group, if it is a youth group, are totally responsible for the behaviour of the group. If the group is adult, (ie at or over the age of 18) then each adult is responsible for his/her own actions. Hunter staff can refuse to instruct if they deem the actions of clients are dangerous or openly irresponsible. Hunter Outdoor Training Instructors will act upon their own initiative in a hazardous and/or rapidly deteriorating safety situation, and if in their professional and experiential judgement they see fit, they will over-ride and countermand the decisions made by group leaders, for the good of the group based on their local knowledge, training, and experience. Hunter Outdoor Training, comprising Chief and Senior Instructors, Instructors, Logistics Team, and Admin Staff are responsible and answerable directly to the Director and are not answerable to the clients. This does not mean the Instructors won’t work tirelessly to deliver as high quality a course as is possible. We are here to ensure your course is, within the bounds of safety, exactly what you want. In the event of 'bad' weather occurring before the start of a course, if the Duty Instructor considers it too difficult or dangerous for the clients to work - eg lightning - then no costs will be incurred by the clients and the course can be postponed until a safer time - in the short or long term. [For obvious reasons we do not instruct clients in conditions which include thunder and lightning, or where storms will place the clients in danger] If it is the clients wish for the course not to start then fees will be charged as normal. The basis of this is that Hunter is an outdoor training organisation and clients book understanding that our rationale is outdoor work in all safe conditions, not all 'nice and dry' conditions', weather being one of the key challenges to uncovering character. Hunter Outdoor Training sets the highest standard in safety and professionalism but we, and clients must, realise that in outdoor work, accidents can and do happen. Hazards are managed to pose the minimum risk realistically. All operational Hunter staff are First Aid trained and qualified. If based at Asheldham, we regularly work at some distance away from the Centre - up to 10 miles out which on the Dengie may mean no local cover or protection from 'bad' weather. All clients are expected to come clothed and equipped accordingly. For national courses whether in Assynt, Dartmoor, Snowdonia, or the Southern Uplands we likewise expect all clients to come clothed and equipped accordingly. Seek our advice if at all concerned about equipment needed. Be aware that outdoor education and training necessarily means the possible use of potentially dangerous equipment - if misused - and involves being outside in all weathers albeit under expert guidance and instruction. The material, methods, philosophy, and skills taught and delivered over the course of a school project (day or longer-term) have been exhaustively trialled and used over decades but takes no account of the potential behaviour of pupils on a day-today basis. No pupils work in isolation at any time, on any course, but on a number of occasions adults are not working 'shoulder-to-shoulder' with them, thus giving the youth the opportunity to prove their learnt/innate ability to work at ever increasing levels of independence and sophistication which we believe - in our 41 years of experience - is part of the process of maturing into 'fully-orbed' young people. 

All courses and materials presented by Hunter Outdoor Training, Barry Howard, Hunter's Instructors, Logistics, and/or Admin Staff hold intellectual property rights which are produced, dated/recorded, and stored with our lawyers. Any individual or agency found to be deliberately, willingly, either overtly or covertly, copying and/or using our programmes without our express permission will have legal action taken against them.

BJHoward   Director & Chief Instructor