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Quite a number of Hunter Instructors are teachers or former teachers, with a vast amount of experience in leading pupils on wilderness 'residentials' That is we have not been based at one Centre for the duration of a course but have been in remote areas - hands on, real world - no simulations. At one end of the scale we have backpacked with Yr 7s across Dartmoor, and at the other end have climbed up onto the Hardangervidda in central Norway with Yr 8s. We have taught outdoor education in schools, full time in some cases - and on-timetable for 30 years. Thus our repertoire is wide and pedigree is known - and has earnt a number of awards.

However we recognise that as teachers you cannot get all your pupils off-site - even to outdoor centres, especially in Essex...... BUT... HUNTER Outdoor Training can bring the outdoor pursuits to your school for morning and day challenges.

These courses are instructed by our staff who have 'been there' with practical instruction borne out of travelling to far remote corners of the world - can tell stories and bring artifacts to the pupils, and have not years, but decades of award winning expedition and teaching experience. Thus when you hire us, you buy in, arguably, an unparalleld range and breadth of experience.

Our recent project for Lincewood Primary School on the Laindon Plotlands won recognition from Ofsted (Autumn 2014):

"....visitors enrich the curriculum experiences available to pupils, and they talk enthusiastically about the different topics and subjects they enjoy and how the outdoor area is used to help them learn. They particularly enjoyed looking for evidence of the plot lands when people were evacuated to Basildon during the Second World War."



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For further information or to request a visit by one of our Team to your school for a discussion about your needs contact us at:

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