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Safety Medical

Safety & Medical

The whole of our rationale for being 'out' instructing and interpreting, guiding and advising, has interwoven through it concerns for safety and, should things go nasty, the capability to make a difference through our not-inconsiderable knowledge - and experience - of remote area medical aid. 

What makes us different to most others is that we instruct first aid from a massive foundation of having 'been there' delivering life-saving procedures in trauma situations, wilderness, to all ages of members of the public and organisations. Our Instructors are not those who've read it in a book and passed a three day FAW course.

Our experience, knowledge and skills range from one of the Team being a Rapid Response Cardiac Life Support Technician, to - just as an example - an experienced medic in a front-line emergency organisation.

All Hunter Instructors carry sophisticated and dedicated-to-task med kits, and extras, to enable the injured to be more comfortable until further professional medical help arrives. This of course may be some considerable time if in mountains.

So when you are with a Hunter Instructor, you know their repertoire is huge, their background is tested, being very self motivating, and highly motivated individuals. They don't just cope. They manage. They manage situations often solo but in total confidence.

We never guide or run courses in wilderness unless we've done a recce and formal and generic risk assessment. Each Hunter Instructor knows that if his/her assessment is that something's not right: route, weather, terrain, client......then he/she will be listened to. Their judgement is good enough for me as Chief Instructor - if they say it's not going to work I believe them.

You may hear an Instructor state that the weather is unsuitable for a course - because they have the best interest of the clients at heart...it's not because they don't want to get wet! Hunter Instructors have been at the sharp end of severe expeditions - across the world; judgement skills are borne out of managing situations - and making correct assessments based on local knowledge matched with experience. Please remember this when working with us.